Volume 1, Issue 3

Volume 1, Issue 3

June, 2018

Research Paper

1. CFD analysis of turbulent heat transfer through rectangular channel with two different RIB shapes

A numerical investigation has been performed to study the effects of different rib shapes on heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics through transversely roughened rectangular channels for Reynolds number ranging from 3800 to 15,000 and subjected to uniform heat flux of 1000 W/m2. Considering single-phase approach, the three-dimensional continuity, Navier-Stokes, and energy equations developed for the physical model have been solved by using the finite volume method (FVM). The optimization was carried out by using various Rib shapes (X-section rib channel & Square section rib channel) in in-line and different aspect ratios (Dh=33.33, Aspect ratio of duct W/H=5, Relative roughness pitch P/e=7.14, Relative roughness height e/D=0.042) to reach the optimal geometry of the rib with maximum Performance Evaluation Criterion (PEC). The highest PEC was obtained for the X-section rib at Re =3800 is 1.703. For the X-section rib channel, the increase in average Nusselt number value is about 162.48% more than the smooth channel and the use of the X-section rib channel compare with Square section rib channel shows a higher average Nusselt number around 17.70%

Published by: Amit Kumar Yadav, Brijendra Kumar Yadav, Manjit KumarResearch Area: Solar Air Heater

Organisation: Patel College of Science and Technology, Bhopal, Madhya PradeshKeywords: Artificial Roughness, Solar Air Heater, Roughness Geometry, Nusselt Number, Friction Factor, Thermo Hydraulic Performance, Reynolds Number

Research Paper

2. Analyzing and interpreting variations of public sentiments on social network

Social networks have become one of the most popular means of communication on the internet, as a result of which internet users have grown rapidly. Millions of messages are regularly available on websites that offer web services such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. Millions of users share their personal opinions or views on various topics and discuss recent news on social websites, making it an important basis for tracking and analyzing the sentimental perception of the community. A social site is just as innovative as a small blog platform with more than one million unique weekly guests. On social sites each user placed a message with the name twitt or blog, which is visible to everyone. Such monitoring or analysis can provide important information for making decisions and evaluating opinions in different domains. In this work we went a step further to interpret the mood swings. We have established that the emerging topics within the periods of mood variation are strongly related to the real reasons for the variations. We propose a model based on latent Dirichlet allocation, LDA for foreground and background (FB-LDA) to distil the foreground themes and filter the age-old background themes. These foreground themes help to interpret mood swings in social networks. The feeling analysis, also known as Opinion Mining, plays a crucial role in determining the feelings in different web content. The analysis of opinions is very important to make decisions. Example, if you want to buy a new phone, a competent buyer of the web will always first assess the opinions to make a purchasing decision based on other experiences. The analysis of feelings extracts opinions, feelings and emotions from the text and analyzes them. This information is very useful for governments, companies and individuals. Although this content might be useful for analyzing most of the content generated by the user, it is difficult and time-consuming. Sentiment analysis is the automatic extraction of opinions, perspectives, and emotions from data sources via NLP.

Published by: Gitesh Mudgal, Rohini TemkarResearch Area: Computer Science

Organisation: Vivekanand Education Society Institute Of Technology, chembur, Mumbai, MaharashtraKeywords: Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Sentiments on Social Media, Emerging subject mining, Big data.

Survey Report

3. Spoken English improvement – Why should we learn spoken English?

The major objective of Spoken English is to impart presentation skills, improving the public speaking skills and it creates globally acceptable pronunciation of English. As engineering scientists, or later as practicing managers, students will be expected to make lots of presentations. In public speaking, students learn a whole lot of things. This is extremely important part of our personality and our career growth. To improve presentation skills and public speaking skills students should acquire some basics, fundamentals of English Pronunciation. In schools, students are not taught spoken English. English is a different kind of language, its writing system does not always indicate pronunciation. We have to notice spelling is not necessarily a good indicator of English Pronunciation. English is spoken by a large number of people all over the world. It is the first language of a majority of people in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In several other countries, it is the second language, used widely in social, academic and professional contexts, or learned as a foreign language. Consequently, there are several internationally recognized varieties of English Spoken with different accents in the world today, and Indian English is prominent among these. There are many regional varieties of English spoken in different parts of the country, influenced to varying degrees by the mother tongue of the people. As long as our regional accents are not very strong and we are able to make ourselves understood in English, the variations do not matter. However, if we know how exactly a native speaker pronounces English words, it will help us overcome regional accents and speak in a neutral accent.

Published by: Dr. M. Revathi DeviResearch Area: English Literature

Organisation: Usha Rama College of Engineering and Technology, Telaprolu, Andhra PradeshKeywords: Impart presentation skills, Globally, Public speaking, Pronunciation, Varieties of English, Influence, Native speaker, Regional accents, Neutral accent

Review Paper

4. Design and Implementation of ATM security by using fingerprint recognition

In this paper, we propose a design, In order to add a higher level of security to the existing ATM system with the use of Fingerprint Recognition system which is one of the biometric methods. In the conventional method, identification is done based on ID cards and static 4 digit password. Whereas in our purposed system, A simple fingerprint recognition system using ARM 7 LPC2148 microcontroller. The system uses the R307 fingerprint module to capture fingerprints with its DSP processor and an optical sensor. This system can be employed at any application with enhanced security because of the uniqueness of fingerprints. It is convenient due to its low power requirement and portability. The main objective of this system is to develop a system that will increase the ATM security.

Published by: Veena R, Bhagirathi N. MResearch Area: Embedded Systems

Organisation: Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, KarnatakaKeywords: ATM system, LPC2148 microcontroller, R307 Fingerprint module

Review Paper

5. A review on air conditioning effectiveness and supply air conditions

Air conditioning is essential for the indoor environment to be kept controlled at the desired conditions. The importance of controlled conditions has been found in literature in the enhancement of human work productivity and machine or equipment performance. Huge energy is being used by the air conditioning systems. The researchers are doing research on various areas of air conditioning including refrigerants, air distribution systems, thermal comfort conditions. Many types of research have also been found in the literature review of the research methodology involving experimental, mathematical and numerical studies. It is found that the numerical methods and tools available are very much powerful and providing results in acceptable accuracy limits. These tools save the time of experiment and cost. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) using Fluent in Air conditioning studies and indoor environment analysis has been widely used by the researchers as found in the literature review. The results obtained from CFD analysis were also compared from the experimental findings and the variations are not significant in providing acceptable results

Published by: Shravan Kumar Yadav, Praveen MishraResearch Area: Heat Exchanger

Organisation: Oriental College of Technology, Bhopal, Madhya PradeshKeywords: Air conditioning, CFD, Indoor environment, Temperature distribution, Velocity distribution

Research Paper

6. The Indian chattels P. Jeevanandham and his existence attainment

P.Jeevanandham was a legendary collective reformer of Tamilnadu. He was born on August 21, 1907 into a conventional core-class family. He was not only a socio-opinionated head, literary of the Communist and collectivist schedule in the Tamilnadu state. He wrote verse and treatises in the republican, rational, revolution, Janashakthi, and Tamarai. He was contributed to individually Vaikam Satyagraha, Independent Movement, Self-Respect Movement and etc.

Published by: R. Kalidass, Dr. K. KrishnamoorthyResearch Area: Arts/ Humanaties

Organisation: Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil NaduKeywords: Jeevanandham, Social, Communist, Verse

Research Paper

7. Women’s writing in English-History and Modern Indian writers in English

In 1750-1830 are witnessed as Women’s Writing in Britain. In the 18th century women consolidated their significance as poets, novelists, playwrights etc., Women created and supported the movements like Blue stocking intellectualism, the call for abolition, understandings of the new class, religion, literary styles. The sensibility of the novels, elegiac sonnet, ballad etc., The efforts of several generations of Indian authors writing in English got international success like the publication of Midnights Children (1981) by Salman Rushdie. It is accepted as a literary endeavor. Arundhati Roy got Booker Prize for her ‘The God of small things in 1997. Usually, the work of Indian Women writers has been undervalued due to t6he patriarchal assumptions by the male experiences. Most of the women writers about the enclosed, domestic space and perceptions of their experiences. This is the reason ranking low to the women writings. Another problem for the Indian women writers in English is their regional counterparts. So that the majority of the novels depicted on psychological suffering of the frustrated housewife.

Published by: Dr. M. Revathi DeviResearch Area: English Literature

Organisation: Usha Rama College of Engineering and Technology, Telaprolu, Andhra PradeshKeywords: Intellectualism, Abolition, Sensibility, Elegiac, Religion, Literary styles, Psychological, Frustrated, Un Ambitiously, Anonymously