Volume 2, Issue 1

Volume 2, Issue 1

January, 2019

Survey Report

1. Survey paper on data warehouse architecture

Data warehouse is a storage which is used to store the data. Data warehouse and Data mining are technologies that are used to deliver valuable information for making the decision. This survey paper defines the architecture of data warehouse and different types of data warehouse, which supports the many colleges and universities in making the decision. Types of data warehouse are used in education to extract transform and load the data. All these techniques improve the benefits of data warehouse in the education system.

Published by: Shubha SinghResearch Area: Computer Science

Organisation: Babu Banarsi Das Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad, Uttar PradeshKeywords: Data Warehouse, ETL(Extract, transform and load) System, Online Analytical Processing(OLAP), Decision Support System

Review Paper

2. Customer data clustering using data mining technique

Classification and patterns mining from customer data is very important for business support and decision making. Timely identification of newly rising trends is very important in the business process. Large companies are having a vast volume of data but starving for knowledge. To overcome the organization recent issue, the new breed of a technique is required that has aptitude and capability to solve the knowledge paucity and the technique is called Data mining. The objectives of this paper are to classify the high-profit, high-value and low-risk customers by one of the data mining technique- customer clustering. In the initial stage, cleansing the data and developed the pattern via demographic clustering algorithm using IBM I-Miner. In the second segment, profiling the data, develop the clusters and classify the high-value low-risk customers. This cluster typically represents the 10-20 percent of customers which yield 80% of the revenue.

Published by: Suriyakumar J., Jeffryjain J., Vilvaraj S.Research Area: Data Mining

Organisation: Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil NaduKeywords: Data mining, Customer clustering, I-Miner